• Intelligent manufacturing

    ALLCHAIN dedicate to industrial intelligent manufacturing technology services, using technology such as cloud computing, data, Internet of Things and Blockchain to help enterprise realize intelligent manufacturing quickly.

  • Solution

    ALLCHAIN devote to the research and development of intelligent manufacturing technology. ALLCHAIN has different solutions in different areas, such as Smart Factory, SaaS cloud application, security of industrial network information and industrial data.

  • Production

    The product that developed by ALLCHAIN can provide all kinds of excellent customer service to the enterprise that expanded gradually to intelligent manufacturing. And the intelligent manufacturing product range from Smart Factory, SaaS cloud application to the security of industrial network information.

  • The value of customer

    The solutions of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence and all kinds of product provided by ALLCHAIN helps enterprise reduce the cost and increase the efficiency. It also helps them make more profit and gain more chances, that will help them expand towards to intelligent manufacturing more successfully.

Introduction of company

The whole solution supplier of industrial manufacturing 4.0
ALLCHAIN devote to industrial intelligent manufacturing technology services and dedicate to create an industrial cloud platform which can realize the maximum utilization. Using the technology such as cloud platform, data and Internet of Things, Blockchain to helps enterprise make a great improvement. Every steps of the manufacturing will be monitored in real-time. We can adjust the error immediately which helps enterprise avoid the huge economy lose caused by production problem. We focus on the development of intelligent transformation of production line, a traceable system of intelligent production, intelligent logistics warehousing system, manufacturing execution system, industrial Internet of Things. We trying to make the Industrial Internet and data products get widely implemented in industrial enterprises.
Intelligent manufacturing Solution
  • ALLCHAIN TECHONOLY-Industrial manufacturing 4.0

  • ALLCHAIN TECHONOLY-Focus on the technology of intelligent manufacturing

  • ALLCHAIN TECHONOLY-Intelligent factory

  • ALLCHAIN TECHONOLY-An intelligent manufacturing solution provided

  • Product Customization

    Consumers log in through information terminals such as mobile devices (Solid Shop), they can automatically select the style, process and raw materials of the products online, and placing orders after the payment is made online, so that products can be customized. The product customized, trading, payment, design, production process, logistics and distribution, after sales-service, all the process will based on data driven and network operation.

  • Reduce the Inventory

    The factory only start produce after the customers placing orders, there is no capital and backlog of goods and the operation is simple, we can achieve "On-demand production, zero inventory". In this way we can maximize the profit and sharing to the consumers, and consumers no longer need to bear the corporate costs.

  • Traceability

    During the production process, every customization product has its own electronic chip, and accompanied by the production of the whole process. Each process has a dedicate terminal equipment that can read and download the order information from the electronic chip. Through the data modeling, consumers can trace the entire production process of the product to prevent product fraud.

  • Asset Securitization

    Packaging the enterprise value supply chain into digital asset packages through Block Chain technology. Make the investors participate in the invest and they can get the long-term profit from the enterprise, it will be the main-stream of invest in the future.

  • Resource Integration

    Reduce human, financial and material resources to achieve better allocation of resource value through the Block Chain technology

  • Resource Sharing

    Product value sharing : Publish original products on the ALLCHAIN platform for crowd funding, and original creators can get a certain percentage of their sales.Talent value sharing : People can have part time job on the ALLCHAIN platform, they can get extra money, and we can achieve the maximum value of human resource.Resource value sharing: With the expansion of time and increase of users, AllCHAIN will realize the integration of idle resources in society and link the value of all process through the Block Chain and the IOT to realize the greatest value. The society will move from the information internet to the era of value Internet.

  • The Vision of ALLCHAIN

    ALLCHAIN is based on the product and user’s actual demand. The private chain of clothing is gradually transition to the union chain of business industry, and then extended from the union chain to the public chain. All the changes talked above are a process of continuous accumulation of users and applications, it is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change. At this point all the enterprises can link commercial applications based on the commercial public chain that developed by AllCHAIN. By then, the Block Chain will be popularized to individuals and we can’t live without the Block Chain network.

  • The Value of AIA

    Only when we have enough participation, the chain of ecology will have real value. AllCHAIN will focus on the real demand of users to develop the hardware and software facilities. So that the Block Chain can offer the services to the community and the individual, making society enter into a real value of the Internet era, AIA TOKEN can make better circulation between users and enterprise. High circulation can produce high value.